What Smells Repel Deer?

To all the gardeners that live close to the deer population, it is a constant dilemma to keep deer out of their gardens. Trying everything to save their neatly manicured gardens from these uninvited guests, some prefer to set up a fence around their property but even then, they cannot heave a sigh of relief as this alone cannot keep deer away completely. So there are always on a hunt to discover techniques that can go hand in hand with fencing to deer proof your gardens. A very smart idea is to design your garden in a way that itself is repelling to deer. Plant such aromatic herbs or flowers in your garden that deer detest and keep your hand on some of the most effective odor deterrents that you can prepare yourself. Here are some odors that deer despise. 

Scents that deer despise 


Most herbs are both aromatic and deer-repellent, including sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lavender, and others. Others include Russian sage (Perovskia), catmint (Nepeta), blue fog bush (Caryopteris), boxwood (Buxus), and ornamental sages. 

While deer like the fragrance of specific plants and are drawn out towards the gardens where they are planted. There are some plants they unequivocally despise and abstain from going close to them. Among these are borage, ice plant, marigolds, and zinnias. herbs like oregano, rosemary, and yarrow. Among the trees and bushes are bamboo, pampas grass, yucca, barberry, butterfly shrub, currant and gooseberry, hawthorn (notwithstanding its apple-like berry), holly, mountain tree, palms, oleander, boxwood, and viburnum. 

Coffee grounds 

Spread Coffee Grounds Around Your Garden. The best thing about using coffee grounds to repel undesirable animals and deer from your gardens is that it is safe and eco-friendly. There are various advantages of coffee grounds in the nursery, including fertilizing the soil and repelling undesirable animals like deer. 

Raw eggs 

To make a compelling deer repellent with a putrescent egg, you just need to blend one crude egg in with about one cup to one gallon of water. Leave it in the sun for a brief period, the egg will start to rot and the more pungent smell is increasingly powerful at deterring deer. 

Hot sauce 

Get deer far from your precious garden plants by making a deer repellent by sharp odors. To make a deer repellent with hot sauce, Add four tablespoons of red pepper hot sauce) to a quart of water, and one teaspoon dish cleanser. Mix well and put in a spray bottle. And spray it every here in there in your garden. Keep spraying at regular intervals to keep deer away permanently.

Predator urines 

Predator urine is the next best thing that you can use to deter deer from your gardens.you can buy them industrially, or they can be acquired from zoos. Despite what you may think, not only do the deer feer the predators they might come across, for example, wolves and coyotes, but also other ruthless predators like lions and tigers. Soak some cotton or fabric in Predator urine, and place in unsealed plastic bags in the nursery. Renew as the scent fades after the rain or with time. 

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